The Woolley


The Woolley Foundation promotes broad based educational endeavors - life skills, enrichment for special needs, training, and higher education goals.

Mission Statement

To enrich the local and global community through collaborative and financial endeavors to support individuals and organizations enagaged in making the world a better place.


About Us

“Sharing Blessings to Nourish Hope!”

The Woolley Foundation is in Rockford, Michigan. We are a small, private foundation created in 2017 and a 501©3 non-profit organization.

The focus of the Foundation is to make the world a better place! We begin in our community, moving to the larger community. We are pragmatic idealists. We believe education is the most effective and egalitarian way for individuals and organizations to accomplish this goal. When one person or group takes a step forward, be it a physical step, a mental step, a spiritual step, or an academic step, we all move a little closer to the goal of a better world. To that end, our actions are focused on promoting and supporting educational initiatives in the areas of life skills, enrichment for special needs persons, training, and higher education endeavors. We believe learning takes place in many different ways: experiential learning, academic classrooms, professional workshops, tutorial labs, online, and in a myriad of other venues.

The Foundation desires to make a measurable difference and believes that enduring differences are made in people, both those who need help, and those who provide that help. As each person and organization strives to stand at the top of their learning curve —– and symbolic mountain, we all share in the process, the accomplishment, and the joy of the journey. The Woolley Foundation wants to facilitate learning opportunities so we can individually and collectively live in a better way, in a better place, together.


The Woolley Foundation accepts additional donations from individuals, corporations, and organizations who want to support educational opportunities to change the condition of our world. These donations will help us to support a wide variety of learning experiences for: (1) individuals working to achieve their potential, and (2) service-oriented organizations to provide the expertise to assist them.

Contact Us

Please direct all correspondence to:
The Woolley Foundation


The Woolley Foundation Charity Golf Fund raiser was first held at Thornapple Pointe Golf Club in Grand Rapids, Michigan on September 7, 2018. The beneficiary of the fund raiser was the Equest Center for Therapeutic Riding, in Rockford, Michigan. The Center serves persons who benefit physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or socially through building relationships with horses and horse riding training experiences.


The Woolley Foundation can be found on Facebook.